Terms and Conditions of Sale

Terms and Conditions

What’s included? Your tree(s) will normally be planted during Kaikoura’s winter months (April - Oct), subject to suitable seasonal weather conditions. Unfortunately, we cannot currently offer a choice of planting locations - sorry! Your tree will be formally recorded by T4T using either the GPS location of the planting site OR, if ‘GPS location’ was chosen, the trees’ individual GPS location. You are welcome to visit your tree at any time in the future. Your tree purchase also includes appropriate site and tree management & maintenance services for at least two years. Once planted, you (or your gift recipient) will be sent an e-card (by internet email) confirming your trees species, planting date, location, etc. Sadly, despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee the survival of your tree, which will always be subject to: acts of God, occasional extreme weather, drought, frost, etc. FYI: The T4T website includes a ‘find your tree’ facility which enables us to report, and you to monitor, your trees location, health, etc. 

Small tree, bush, shrub or flax = cultivated for around 1-2 years, and approx. one metre tall
Large Trees = cultivated for around 2-3 years, and approx. 2-3 metres tall (some species & specimens can vary a little!) 

* GPS = Global Positioning System – two seven-figure numbers define the exact location of your tree or its planting site! Using a hand-held GPS system, you should be able to find your tree / planting area next time you’re in Kaikoura! 

** Replacement Guarantee – in addition to our Site Management & Maintenance policy and its services, we guarantee to replace your tree(s) once during its first twelve planted months, in the unlikely event that it should succumb to the weather, etc. After one year your tree should be strong and tall enough to resist local weather, predators, weeds, etc. 

*** Self Planting – We usually need at least one week’s notice to arrange a self-planting occasion (shorter notice may be possible - please contact us). The Self Planting celebration includes a dedicated Trees for Travellers (T4T) member of staff during the (approx) twenty minute occasion. We drive in our own vehicle; bring all planting equipment, gloves, camera, and your tree(s). We’ll meet you at pre-agreed place (the final planting site may be a short drive and/or walk from this point!) 

Invitation – you will receive an emailed invitation to the planting ceremony approx. a week in advance, confirming the planting site, date & time of your ceremony; plus the meeting place, parking, what to bring, etc. 

Payment – we must receive full payment before your planting date and time can be confirmed. 

Weather – your planting ceremony will continue in light rain and/or light wind.    We do not plant during heavy rain. Planting during strong winds will usually be okay, but is dependent on the location! 

Plaques – we need at least three weeks’ notice of your self-planting occasion to get your plaque made! 

Wheelchair access - is only available at a few locations, and under certain weather circumstances. (Please contact us to confirm your options). 

Cancellation Policy: By you = 14+ days: 80% refund   7-13 days: 50% refund    3-6 days: 25% refund    0-2 days: no refund. If we have to postpone due to adverse weather, act of God, etc. alternative date(s) will be offered. If a suitable date cannot be agreed, we will offer you either: (i) a 50% refund, OR (ii) we’ll still plant a tree on your behalf, providing photographs, certificate, plaques, etc. as you originally requested.

Tree visits – the T4T scheme implies the opportunity for you, your family, relatives, etc. to visit the site, or specific tree location, at any time in the future. Please be aware that T4T trees aren’t necessarily planted with easy access in mind. Our focus is to gradually reforest the Kaikoura region! Unfortunately, the land available to us is limited and sometimes not easily accessible, so the terrain you walk over may be uneven, unsafe, across water, etc. or the site may simply be dangerously steep or a remote location, so we provide no guarantee that you will be able to find your tree, nor do we accept any liability for your safety should you embark on an attempt to locate your tree. We ask that you respect any other trees, plants, animals, nests, etc. along your journey, and in the vicinity of your tree, and ensure they are not trampled or damaged in any way – thanks! (With prior knowledge, and for a nominal fee, we welcome the opportunity to accompany you on a tree visit) 

Land – It is unlikely T4T will ever be a land-owner. T4T only accepts land that will: Never be developed; trees never harvested; and has access considered for maintenance and customer visits. Consequently, a proportion of our time is spent working with land-owners ensuring fences, weeds, predators, access, etc. are managed correctly on your behalf. 

New Zealand Goods & Service Tax (GST) – is included in all quoted prices and purchases. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a net-of-tax purchase price to foreign customer purchases. 

International postage - quotes can be provided on request. 

Refunds – your purchase can be refunded (minus any administration & transaction costs) until your tree has been planted. Please contact us with your request for a refund via telephone, email or through messaging on our website.